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“To seize the new opportunities and meet the challenges of today’s fractured career landscape, think and act like you’re running a start-up: your career.”

Reid Hoffman, Chairman and Co-Founder of LinkedIn

You own your career. No one else can make it grow. You are the only driver!

But that’s not easy. You need the right career tools and executive coaches to help you navigate the ever-changing job market with the latest and most effective strategies.

Beyond B-School has the expert career coaches who give MBAs exactly what they need to get the career and compensation results that make them really excited. Over 50 business schools agree!

Over 50 grad schools of business use Beyond B-School career training.

Beyond B-School’s job-search training is used by the career offices at over 50 graduate schools of business to help coach their students on how to find better jobs at higher pay after graduation.

But most schools are unable to give ongoing career coaching to their graduates. Schools would need a dramatically larger professional career coaching staff than they currently employ to adequately serve all alumni.

So to give individual MBAs who have been out of school a year or more the advice they need to find new jobs they love and accelerate their careers, Beyond B-School offers online resources and career coaching specifically tailored for business professionals.

MBAs and school career coaches find the training resources valuable. Here is a sample of feedback we have received:

"Because of Beyond B-School, I was able to target the right employer, expand my visibility on the web, and identify and connect with the right people."

"Preparation is key, and Beyond B-School is a tremendous resource for any MBA at any level of their professional career."

"Students can easily access the information they need 24/7 through our website to access effective career management advice and tools."

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