What is it?

The Get Hired Formula is a prescriptive program created by a panel of top MBA mentors that covers all essential MBA job search actions, guaranteeing the outcome of a better job at higher pay. The program is presented on our custom online learning platform, through 9 lessons across three phases, complete with actionable insights, quizzes and assessments.

Who is it for?

The Get Hired Formula has been designed exclusively for MBAs, regardless of their current career level, work history or industry.

What does it do?

It guarantees MBAs a better job at the highest salary. It teaches MBAs how to move ahead of the competition, enter the hidden job market to find the right fit job, and achieve the most desirable positions in the business world.

How much does it cost?

The Get Hired Formula is priced at $249. However, certain individuals may qualify for a $50 credit towards the program. Email mentor@beyondb-school.com for more information.

What is the makeup/format of the program?

It’s divided into three logical phases packed with insights and assessments designed to maximize your value as an MBA. Each topic is presented in video by our Master Mentors – industry-leading career coaches and experts, followed with a short Progress Tuning Exercise designed to internalize these new skill sets. At the end of each of 9 lessons, you will assess your own unique materials and purposefully craft your professional assets across each step of the job search using directed action steps. Each Get Hired Formula lesson is logically paced and masterfully organized for optimal efficiency.

Most importantly, it is a formula. Our product architects have crafted a step-by-step, singular, complete program that carefully covers each of the most important topics you need to master in your hunt for the highest MBA salary.

Where does the content come from and what’s the quality?

The Get Hired Formula was custom-designed by renowned employment experts and professional coaches with content fully tested by MBAs at top programs nationwide. Simply put, our content and program quality is world-class. The Get Hired Formula includes tuned updates on revered practices, fresh intelligence and new secrets.

How long does it take?

That depends on your schedule; the Get Hired Formula was created to be flexible and fit the needs of MBAs with busy schedules. If you devoted several hours per day to the Get Hired Formula and immersed yourself fully into each insight, lesson and topic, you could complete it within two to three weeks. If you are working full time or a full-time student, it could be completed within an estimated four to six weeks.

Can I access the material on my smartphone or tablet?

For MBAs on the go, you can login to the GHF using any mobile device, 24/7.

Why should I trust this company?

The Get Hired Formula was created by Beyond B-School, which proudly calls over 40 major business schools clients.

Can I preview or demo the product?

Yes! Simply watch our product demo video. If you would like a personal demo, email mentor@beyondb-school.com.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! Our goal is to lead our MBAs to the most desirable positions in business and maximize their salaries. While the Get Hired Formula was carefully crafted to lead MBAs directly to this goal on its own, we can further guarantee this outcome because of our availability to provide extended mentoring to MBAs directly in the unlikely event they have not yet reached this goal. If at any point during our program you are unsatisfied, contact a mentor. Many guarantees promote “money back, no questions asked.” We stand behind our product and know that it will work for you, but if you are unsatisfied, we will give you your money back. Unlike some guarantees, however, we will ask you just one question: “would you like a full refund, or would you like a better job at a higher salary?” The choice is always yours. We are committed to your goals; we care about our MBAs and know that with our expertise, tools, and personalized support you will achieve your objectives. The choice is always yours. Your success is our business, and we take it seriously.

Is support available?

Yes! We have expert mentors to help you with any questions related to our program or your job search, exclusively available to Get Hired Formula customers. They will respond to you within 24 hours with any guidance, direction, or assistance you require.

Better Job. Higher Pay.

It’s world-class content you won’t find anywhere else designed with a single goal in mind—your success. When you commit yourself to The Get Hired Formula, it’s a commitment you’ll get hired soon…and for more money. We guarantee it.